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Lifestyle changes to relieve hives

Hives are a sort of affliction that affects your life quality. Symptoms like severe itch and swellings create an extremely uncomfortable feeling that will not let you enjoy a good night’s sleep. To overcome this, consider 5 simple lifestyle changes. Learn more about them to relieve hives symptoms no matter what caused them in the […]

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minoxidil for hair loss problems

Minoxidil was originally used to treat blood pressure. Patients under this medications started experiencing unwanted growth of hair. Upjohn Pharmaceutical company began doing research on this side effect to determine if it could manage hair loss problem. Men who had baldness in the vertex area were applied the lotion form of minoxidil known as Rogaine […]

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Philippine Women Judges Association

Beverly Hills 6750 supports women empowerment with the Philippine Women Judges Association In the spirit of International Women’s Month, Beverly Hills 6750 participated in the Philippine Women Judges Association’s (PWJA) 16th Annual Convention held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu City on March 3, 2011.The Beverly Hills 6750 Management Team at the Philippine Women […]

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Detox heavy metal poisoning

Heavy metals and other toxins are increasingly threatening our health. Recent studies have found that nowadays the concentration of lead in bones has practically tripled during the last 400 years. The accumulation of this compound and others has serious effects on the brain and on the mental development of children, especially in terms of cognitive […]

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The Beauty of Business
The Beauty of Business



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One of the usual staples in a balikbayans homecoming itinerary, aside from the requisite family reunions, shopping and sun bathing in Boracay, is a trip to an aesthetics clinic for beauty and physical enhancement procedures. After working hard abroad, spending time in a beauty and wellness center is tantamount to a luxurious and cherished time-off, […]

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