Leg Veins Treatments for the Summer Season

Leg Veins Treatments for the Summer Season



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June 8, 2017

Beach season is here and we all know what that means – bare skin is in! Legs will take center stage once again as women of all shapes and sizes will be strutting their stuff on the sands of Boracay and Palawan. One thing not in fashion though is the appearance of varicose veins or those unflattering rope-like strands that cover the legs. These visible blood vessels can be seen anywhere from the groin to the ankle, and are not considered a pretty sight. They can keep the eye from fully appreciating your gorgeous stems.

This is where leg vein treatments come in. Varicose veins will no longer be a problem by utilizing either one of these two techniques – eMax LV technology or, for worse cases, Peripheral Vascular Laser Surgery. Both of these treatments will minimize the appearance of spider veins and will give you finer-looking legs.

eMax LV is a system that allows various energy sources to be used simultaneously laser and radiofrequency and is called the proprietary el?s™ Technology. The procedure is perfectly safe and completely non-invasive. eMax sessions are not only comfortable for the patient, they also do not take too long to complete. A typical session will last under an hour. Some patients though may encounter a hot sensation, but this will not last for more than a second. There are no known major side effects for using eMax LV. This groundbreaking system can also cure vascular lesions in just one to three treatments.

Peripheral Vascular Laser Surgery, meanwhile, addresses the more stubborn type of varicose veins. It uses a vascular ultrasound to assess whether the large veins are still eligible for a superficial treatment such as eMax LV. If the leg vein problem is too severe, Peripheral Vascular Laser Surgery is then used. Also called BH Veno-Laser Procedure, this method uses a laser fiber through a needle puncture to the vein. Laser energy is then fired, which damages the vein walls, resulting to a shrinking of the blood vessels. This technique is considered to be the most successful way to treat leg veins. Some side effects are minor bruising and a “pulling” sensation on the legs but all these are temporary and should go away in a few days.

Whichever leg vein treatment technique you think is best for you, you can be sure that your legs will be the center of attention in that next beach getaway.

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