One of the key factors that distinguishes a medical facility is its ability to deliver excellent medical service to every patient or client who walks through its doors.

Clients can rest assured that the operating rooms are maintained under strict clean conditions and surgical procedures are performed in a strict sterile field.

Our technology is also something that we are extremely proud of. Our operating room equipment, as well as our dermatological lasers and other skin care machines are the latest models of industry leading manufacturers.

As a team and a family of service oriented professionals, we continue to strive to surpass our own capabilities thereby exceeding our clients’ expectations and reaping the fruits of the trust and respect that our clients have bestowed on us.

I hope this online resource serves as an efficient means to help you learn more about the multi-specialty aesthetic services that we offer, our professional and management staff, and the unique propositions of Beverly Hills 6750.


  1. Provide world-class aesthetic services.
  2. Promote patient safety, informed consent for procedures and evidence-based clinical practice protocols.
  3. Provide a relaxing and professionally set-up infrastructure conducive and appropriate for hospital grade services.
  4. Focus on client-centered service based on trust and respect.
  5. Strategically partner with stakeholders in the medical tourism industry, both in the Philippines and abroad.