Curvex advanced body contouring

It’s summer season once again and it’s time to get that beach body in tip-top shape. Say goodbye to unseemly bulges and fatty areas with Curvex, the newest and most effective slimming method in the Philippines by Beverly Hills 6750. This non-invasive cosmetic enhancement uses the combined technology of Ultrasonic Cavitation and Multi-Polar and Bi-Polar RF with Vacuum.

Ultrasonic Cavitation works by breaking down the storage of fats, making sure that unsightly cellulite and stubborn fatty deposits in the arms, abdomen, thighs, and butt are removed. Through this innovative procedure, solid fats will be converted into liquid, thus enabling easier fat elimination through the lymphatic system. The best thing about this technology is it is non-invasive, meaning no cuts or scars will occur.

Curvex’s Ultrasonic Cavitation is also quite safe and will require no anesthesia. You can easily go fit that bikini and do other activities right after your session. What’s more, it is painless although some reddening of the skin may appear. This is temporary though and will go away after a couple of hours.

Multi-Polar and Bi-Polar RF with Vacuum, meanwhile, uses radio frequency to penetrate skin layers and heat collagen fibers. By undergoing this non-surgical procedure, there will be an increase in your metabolism and your skin will be noticeably tighter and smoother because of the increased collagen production. This is ideal for those who have fats concentrated on one area and is used often for body sculpting and even facial contouring. What makes this treatment great is that it deals directly with the root of the problem, targeting both the fatty layer under the skin and the fat cells deep into the dermal layer.

The Multi-Polar and Bi-Polar RF with Vacuum treatment, just like Ultrasonic Cavitation, is also painless and safe. During the procedure, you may feel a slight sensation of heat but it is barely noticeable. There may be some warmth felt on the skin after the treatment and some redness may also occur. Yet, similar to Ultrasonic Cavitation, this will disappear an hour or so after the session. You’ll be back at the beach in no time!

We are happy to introduce you to Curvex – the groundbreaking slimming and smoothening treatment that will let you flaunt that hot bikini body only you deserve.