Essential oils for nail fungus

The warm and pleasant climate of spring and summer seasons invites you to enjoy funny moments on a nice beach or in the pools. However, this situation increases the risk of certain types of fungal infection like candidiasis and Athlete Foot. This kind of problem may begin as a slight discoloration. However it can easily spread deep into the entire nail, causing it to thicken and crumble leading to a potentially painful condition. Therefore, it is important to address this disease as soon as it is detected.

A frustrating condition that must be detected and treated on time
Feet harbor more than 190 kinds of fungi; however not all of them are harmful. There are two types that are mainly responsible for infections on fingers. Dermatophytes mostly affect people living in temperate regions of the world. In contrast, yeasts are more prevalent in tropical areas and are more likely to cause nail infections on hands.

There are many varieties of yeasts that trigger fungal infections. However, in most of the cases the main responsible is a type known as Candida albicans which is also accountable for vaginal candidiasis as indicated at These parasites thrive in warm and moist environments and they feed on keratin. These infectious agents over-stimulate the production of this protein.

In this way, nails become thicker and separate from their bed. These microorganisms are contagious. Therefore, walking barefoot on the floor of public pools, bathrooms or showers increases the risk of getting this kind of disease.

Organic remedies that work from the deepest layers

Pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by physicians can be costly, toxic and ineffective, making infections more difficult to treat. However, there are potent natural options like essential oils which are ideal to get rid of the disease without the discomforts that are usually caused by chemical products.

The body does not develop immunity against essential oils since they are produced only with organic ingredients. Additionally, they have an exquisite aroma that helps to reduce the bad smell caused by the parasites responsible for the infection.

Tea tree oil which is extracted from an Australian plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia has proven to be an effective resource to treat skin conditions like nail fungus. This element contains a Terpenoid which has important antifungal and antibacterial properties including the ability to kill dermatophytes.

When this element is applied to skin or nails, it creates a solid bond with the natural oils of the body. In this way it gives place to the formation of a barrier that prevents the growth of a wide variety of microorganisms. It also has the capacity of penetrating the deepest layers of tissue reaching the root of the infection, something that many chemical ointments are unable to do.

Oregano oil contains a concentrated version of the fungicidal properties of this plant and can be very effective in combating fungal infections. It is worth to mention that this is a very powerful resource that must be combined with other organic elements.

Hence, it must be diluted in a carrier oil such as those obtained from olive or jojoba. Both of them have effective healing properties that almost mimic the features of natural skin fat.