Hair regrowth

Scalp Jet Peel Cleansing

A jet stream of oxygen and saline water strips the scalp clean of dead cells liberating clogged pores.

Anti-Keratin Ozone Steam Infusives

Proprietary shampoo and scalp conditioners cleanse the scalp of keratin and DHT-rich oils with the synergistic support of ozone steam.

True Stem Cell Microneedling Treatment

Advanced micro-needling technique that allows for stem cell penetration into the scalp.

True Stem Cell Oxygen Pulse Treatment

High pressure 90% oxygen is pulsed into the scalp improving oxygen delivery to the cellular and hair follicle elements of the scalp.

Photodynamic Light Therapy

Photodynamic blue light therapy stimulates porphyrin chemicals that neutralizes specific bacteria that cause infection and inflammation.