How can you detox heavy metal poisoning

Heavy metals and other toxins are increasingly threatening our health. Recent studies have found that nowadays the concentration of lead in bones has practically tripled during the last 400 years. The accumulation of this compound and others has serious effects on the brain and on the mental development of children, especially in terms of cognitive abilities. For this reason it is important to resort to organic resources in order to properly cleanse the body.

Heavy metal poisoning as the cause for many diseases

Heavy metals, to a greater or lesser degree, are part of the structure of everything that surround us; ranging from the crust of the earth to our organism. These compounds include copper, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, aluminum and arsenic to mention some. The problem occurs when they accumulate in our body in excessive amounts causing a progressive poisoning.

These chemical compounds are very difficult to remove from the body. Therefore, they accumulate over the years, as we expose ourselves to them. The most threatening to health include mercury, lead and cadmium as mentioned at

The main sources for heavy metal, especially for mercury and lead, include pipes, medications like vaccines, food additives, dental amalgams and fish meat such as salmon, tuna or swordfish. Among risk factors it is worth to mention the use of insecticides and pesticides, since their formulation usually contains at least two of the most harmful compounds.

Also constitute an important source of contamination the air polluted by combustion technology employed by industry and cars as well as waters from mines and factories. Mercury is the only volatile metal that is absorbed by lungs and skin. Of the inhaled mercury the body absorbs around 80%, and most of it is deposited in the nervous system. That is why inhalation is the most dangerous absorption medium.

Then, this compound passes into the bloodstream, where part of its vapor is transformed into a variety of oxide, a form of mercury that is even more toxic than vapor. Since organs like liver, heart and kidney work as a blood filter, they become the main storage places for this toxic metal.

Additionally, these mercury vapors easily pass through the blood-brain barrier reaching the brain directly and damaging the restrictive tissue in its path. In this way it facilitates the entrance of other toxins, which normally would not be able to enter.

Elimination heavy metals from your organism

If you have been experiencing symptoms like sweating at night, cold hands and feet, headaches, chronic pain and loss of appetite, then you should immediately start a detoxification process. With that purpose in mind you can resort to natural supplements with chelating properties. It means that they have the capacity to bind to heavy metals and drag them out of our body.

Alga chlorella is an organic resource characterized for producing a powerful detoxifying effect. It helps your body to eliminate all kinds of harmful substances in addition to heavy metals due to its high chlorophyll content.

Cilantro is another effective ally. In addition to its chelating properties, it contains high levels of vitamins A and K. This herb can be included on your meals as a condiment combined with Garlic which has powerful cleansing components.